Bilal Coulibaly 2023 NBA Draft profile: The perfect 3-and-D wing for the Mavericks?

Bilal Coulibaly
Bilal Coulibaly / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages
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Bilal Coulibaly's weaknesses

Lack of experience

Bilal Coulibaly is ultimately a very raw prospect. He does not have a lot of experience playing against high-level competition.

He'll finish his professional French career with less than 40 games under his belt. Although his shooting percentages stand out, he lacks in free-throw percentage, shooting only 61 percent from the line.

Throughout the season, his playing time increased, but Coulibaly still only averaged about six points and three rebounds to go along with an assist and a steal per game.

Across different sites, Coulibaly is listed somewhere between 190 and 230 pounds, but he looks closer to 180. His frame needs a considerable amount of weight added to defend NBA-level athletes.

Unrefined offensive game

Coulibaly does not have a wide offensive arsenal. He is limited to scoring in transition and spotting up around the arc.

He is dependent on his teammates in the half-court, as his ball handling is not yet refined, and he cannot create space well.

Most of his mid-range attempts are shot with little space. Coulibaly does not have the dribble moves to take a defender one-on-one, thus limiting his scoring potential. His shooting mechanics are fluid, but his shot release is slow. He has yet to take a considerable amount of shots from off the dribble.

Coulibaly's playmaking is almost nonexistent as of now. He recorded more turnovers than assists and doesn't look to make for others on offense. Coulibaly has shown the ability to pass out of the pick and roll and in transition, but it is far too infrequent of an occurrence.