Bilal Coulibaly 2023 NBA Draft profile: The perfect 3-and-D wing for the Mavericks?

Bilal Coulibaly
Bilal Coulibaly / FRANCK FIFE/GettyImages
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Bilal Coulibaly's strengths

Physical build and transition offense

Bilal Coulibaly is 6'6' with a 7'3' wingspan. His length and athleticism, coupled with his youth, provide outstanding long-term potential.

In the LNB Pro A playoffs, he has scored 15 and 16 points in recent outings, demonstrating his scoring ability against high-level competition. He has made several highlight plays, showing off his athleticism and leaping ability.

He covers ground very well, which helps him score easy baskets in transition. Going to the rim, Coulibaly has shown the ability to maneuver around defenders using euro-steps and scoring over defenders using his absurd length.

While playing with the Mets Pro team, Coulibaly made 14 out of 31 3-pointers in the regular season. His mechanics are fluid, and his shot selection has been fantastic for an 18-year-old playing professionally.


Defense is where Coulibaly could really stand out and his length is what separates him from other prospects.

Coming into the NBA, only seven active players have a greater difference between their height and wingspan than Coulibaly per Crafted NBA. He has the agility to cover guards and the size to cover forwards.

While playing for the U21 Mets team, he recorded 1.6 steals and a block per game. He would ultimately be tasked with guarding positions 1-4 in the NBA.

His top-notch anticipation, coupled with his active hands, leads to multiple deflections and steals per game. Whenever Coulibaly intercepts a pass, he always gets out in transition, looking to make a play.

Coulibaly is also a good shot-blocker for a wing. Whether the player he is defending is driving or taking a jump shot, Coulibaly heavily contests their shot attempt.