3 Biggest weaknesses for the Dallas Mavericks so far this season

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The Dallas Mavericks have got out to a blazing hot start to the season at 8-2, but there have still been some pretty noticeable flaws through the first 10 games of the year. Despite sitting in sole possession of the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference after defeating New Orleans on Sunday night, Dallas hasn't had the most difficult strength of schedule early on.

Dallas will need to stay consistent against better opponents to prove that their flaws won't be something that come back to bite them when they face off against better opponents, especially during playoff time.

3 Biggest weaknesses for the Dallas Mavericks so far this season

Dallas may opt to address their areas of weakness at some point in the season, but as of currently, this roster is what we'll be evaluating unless Dallas tapers off from this insane start that they are having.

Nonetheless, here are the Dallas Mavericks' three biggest weaknesses this far into the season.

3. Lack of a definitive third ball handler off the bench

The Dallas Mavericks have understandably leaned heavily on Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving to take heed of most of the allotted guard minutes available in the Mavericks' rotation. Dallas' record bodes them well, but they've had to play Doncic and Irving more than they'd like to because of their tendency to get off to slower starts this season.

Dallas' rugged first halves this season have been caused by a variety of factors, but they've also admittedly been a product of Doncic and Irving sometimes getting off to rough starts from the field as well. Nevertheless, we saw just how lethal the Mavericks offense can be in the first half when head coach Jason Kidd divvied up the guard minutes more effectively in the Mavericks 144-126 blowout victory over the LA Clippers on Friday night.

One of the Mavericks' biggest weaknesses this season has been the lack of a definitive third ball handler off the bench, as Jaden Hardy and Dante Exum both played sparingly throughout the first handful of games this season. Seth Curry has seen his role diminished in the last few games, but even he hasn't been an integral part of the rotation at any part of this season so far.

On Friday night against the Clippers, we saw the Mavericks start to mend some of their offensive creation issues off the bench as Exum served as the lead ball handler in multiple lineups off the bench for Dallas. Hardy has played much more in the last few games and his ability to create off the dribble and catch and shoot has been invaluable.

Dallas may have the solution toward their slow starts staring right in front of them. If Friday night versus the Clippers was a precursor for what may come then hopefully the defense, playmaking, and shooting between Hardy and Exum prove to be a huge spark plug off the bench for Dallas when they are facing good opposing guards or one of Irving or Doncic is having a rough go.