5 Biggest takeaways from Klay Thompson's Mavericks introductory press conference

Klay Thompson
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3. Klay Thompson wanted a fresh start

It's hard for any player in sports to leave a team after spending 13 years with one organization. This was Klay Thompson's case as he was part of the Warriors organization since 2011. It can be hard to say goodbye to an organization after 13 years as in Thompson's case. However, maybe a fresh start can be the best thing for a player.

Thompson admitted that the end of his tenure with the Warriors was tough with the pressure of being an All-NBA player. Keeping up his consistency was tough due to the injuries Thompson has suffered since 2019 with him approaching age 30. Now for Thompson in Dallas, he may have gotten away from the Warriors pressure and can start fresh with a new team at 34 years old.

"Coming here is such a fresh start, and feeling just wanted again," Thompson said. "And, I bring great value. It just gets me excited to go out there and even work out after this press conference, and get shots up."

It's obvious that Dallas has a culture change that is changing for the better of the organization with reaching two Western Conference Finals and an NBA Finals over the past three seasons. NBA players now want to play in Dallas, and the city will be a free agency destination just like it was for Thompson this summer. With now being in Dallas, Thompson is ready to have a chance to wear a Mavericks jersey in October.

"I'm going to embrace the heck out of this opportunity," Thompson said.