5 Biggest takeaways from Klay Thompson's Mavericks introductory press conference

Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson / Kavin Mistry/GettyImages
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4. Klay Thompson wants to lock in defensively

For most NBA fans, without thinking much about it, they will view Klay Thompson for mainly his offensive game and not his defense, particularly his outstanding 3-point shooting. However, Thompson wants to bring more to his game in Dallas besides his 3-point shooting.

At the press conference with Thompson sitting next to Naji Marshall and Quentin Grimes, they were asked about defense. Thompson had praise for Mashall's defense and Grimes' defense.

"Playing against these two, I mean, that's why they're here," Thompson said. "Not cause it's pretty, cause they lock up, and willing to do the dirty work. I've gone against both of them. So, we're gonna have some battles at practice. I'm excited about that."

If Thompson is already looking forward to having defensive battles against Marshall and Grimes, it's obvious he's ready to work. But, being excited about having battles at practice for his defense should give the rest of the NBA a scare that Thompson is ready to work even harder.

The Mavs have incredible talent on their roster that's hard to defend as it is. Thompson is going to have hard battles at practice against them, but it sure will help him get ready for the regular season.

With Thompson excited about locking down defensively, this is going to bring an extra boost of energy for the Mavs next season, and it's going to be a good thing the team will need.

Thompson showed confidence that he can still compete defensively, and although he isn't the same all-defense player he once was, he knows he can still lock in on that end.