4 Dallas Mavericks who have surprisingly been bench warmers this season

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1. Olivier-Maxence Prosper

Olivier-Maxence Prosper became a fan favorite on draft night, and once Summer League hit, Dallas Mavericks fans loved him even more.

Everyone knew that Prosper was going to be a good 3-and-D wing heading into Summer League, but his ability to score off the dribble is what had fans excited. Prosper was developing a better skillset than fans originally thought he had, but a rough preseason forced fans to pump the brakes on him.

He struggled during the preseason, and once the regular season hit, Prosper wasn't in the rotation. Although he has played in three games, he still hasn't been playing valuable minutes, but that could change quickly.

After Mavs head coach Jason Kidd originally said that he hadn't had a conversation with Prosper about potentially sending him to the G League, he ended up doing so on Saturday.

Prosper had 19 points, nine rebounds, and four assists in his G League debut with the Texas Legends, proving that he is ready for the spotlight.

It just may take some time.

He looked great when attacking the rim in the second half during his game with the Texas Legends, and it was nice to see a few 3-pointers fall for him.

Prosper is averaging 4.0 minutes per game so far this season, but this number could go way up if he proves his value as a rotation player over the next few weeks.

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