4 Bargain free agents to sign if Dallas Mavericks trade for LeBron James

Kevin Love, Miami Heat
Kevin Love, Miami Heat / Elsa/GettyImages
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2. Terence Davis, Sacramento Kings

There is a formula to winning at a high level with LeBron James. Pair him with another star creator (Dwyane Wade, Kyrie Irving) and then surround them all with shooting, defense, and rebounding.

Role players have forever been landing on LeBron teams and thriving by simply filling their roles and providing two of those three skills.

The Mavericks would be pushing the formula to its limit if they traded for James, trying to win with three on-ball creators, but that only makes the rest of the rotation that much more critical.

The Mavericks can't use their financial and roster bullets on non-shooting perimeter players; they need shooting and defense everywhere.

Terence Davis fits the bill and is among the best 3-and-D wings likely to be available at a low price point on the market. He is a career 36.6 percent three-point shooter and proved himself capable of hitting shots in big moments during the Sacramento Kings' playoff run this past year.

The four-year player just turned 26 years old, giving him room to improve as well. He has quick hands to generate steals and combines strength and agility to defend both guards and most wings.

He would be the ideal player to fit into a rotation alongside the likes of Luka Doncic and LeBron James, and, in turn, they would see his impact maximized.