Mavericks in bad spot and must take chances: Why it could send them into a rebuild

Dallas Mavericks,  Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
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What can the Dallas Mavericks do to avoid a rebuild?

The Mavericks need to re-sign Kyrie Irving and add two impactful starters along with rounding out their rosters with veterans that can play spot minutes. Dallas is expected to bring back Dwight Powell, but they need someone to start over him at the five. They will also be searching for a perimeter defender that sinks catch-and-shoot threes.

The Mavs are closer to contention than fans think. They were fourth in the crowded Western Conference in February. Fans have already seen in the playoffs that this is anybody’s race, and it will be next year too.

Making the right moves should give the Mavericks a chance to finish in the top four in the West and to make a postseason. That is all they need to do to keep Luka Doncic happy.

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The Dallas Mavericks have failed to do it so far. They reached the conference finals in 2022, but Jalen Brunson is not coming back. The Mavs must improve their roster now before it is too late. Expect them to put all their assets on the table to see where they can upgrade. It is a massive summer for the team, so stay tuned for everything fans crave.