5 Awards that Dallas Mavericks players could win this season

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3. Sixth Man of the Year - Tim Hardaway Jr.

The NBA leader in bench points per game? That would be Tim Hardaway Jr. In 20 games played, no starts, Hardaway Jr. averages 17.7 points per game.

Hardaway Jr. also adds 3.4 rebounds, 1.6 assists, and ranks second in the NBA in charges drawn with 13. But of course, Hardaway Jr.'s shooting is what really stands out.

The Dallas sharpshooter had made the eighth most 3-pointers in the association. And he's done so at a 39 percent clip, the third-best mark of his career.

His 3-point shooting is his specialty, but Hardaway Jr. is getting the free-throw line with higher frequency than in recent seasons. The former Wolverine is knocking down 2.3 of his 2.6 freebies per game. He's shooting 88.2 percent from the line, the second-highest mark of his 12-year career.

On average, Hardaway Jr. is shooting a higher true shooting, effective field goal, and 3-point percentage than the rest of the league. Although he's been known as a gunner, the Sixth Man of the Year candidate is an efficient one at that.

Hardaway Jr.'s achievements thus far aren't only making him a case for the Sixth Man award. He's been equally as crucial to the Mavericks' offense. The Dallas offensive rating is six points better when Hardaway Jr. is on the floor.

Additionally, Dallas turns the ball over less when Hardaway Jr. plays and shoots a higher percentage from the floor. Although Hardaway Jr.'s role with the team was murky throughout the entire offseason, he's proved to be an invaluable part of the team.