6 Dallas Mavericks at risk of being traded this summer

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1. Tim Hardaway Jr.

The Dallas Maverick who has had the most disappointing season this year, and it doesn't help that he was in trade rumors at the trade deadline as well as last offseason. Even Hardaway Jr. himself didn't know if he'd be back this season, and the writing is on the wall that he could be in trade talks this summer.

Hardaway Jr. has been in a slump for the last month and is nearly unplayable when he chucks bad shots while in a slump due to his defensive unreliability. He has been better about swinging the ball recently, but his play has still been poor.

Hardaway Jr.'s contract expires next summer, and if I had to guess, the Mavs won't bring him back unless it's on a team-friendly deal. It has likely been hard for the Mavs to find a trade partner for Hardaway Jr. due to his big contract, and his defense isn't good enough to play him next to both Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving.

Hardaway Jr. still has time to turn his season around and turn into a key piece before the playoffs, but due to the fact that he has been in trade rumors for multiple seasons, he is at risk of being traded this summer.

Hardaway Jr. went from being a Sixth Man of the Year contender to playing less than 15 minutes a night sometimes, and without his shooting, he has struggled tremendously.

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