Anthony Black 2023 NBA Draft profile: The best lottery pick outside the top three?

Dallas Mavericks, 2023 NBA Draft, Anthony Black
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Anthony Black's weakness

Anthony Black is a dynamic point guard prospect but does have a few weaknesses. Here's a breakdown of his biggest weakness.

1. Shooting

There aren't many things that Anthony Black can't do and couldn't do during his time in Arkansas. As a freshman, he only had one flaw in his game - shooting. However, the stroke is there, and working with an NBA shooting coach will likely help him improve into a capable shooter. Besides, he is a tall guard who defends high, creates plays for his teammates, finishes at the rim, is athletic, and can rebound at a decent rate.

But, if we are diving deeper into the shooting aspect, he isn't a jump shooter from anywhere on the court. There was a stretch during his season in college where defenders would play several feet off of him at the top of the key because he wasn't a threat. Not only was he not a threat wide open from beyond the arc, but he wasn't a threat from mid-range either.

That rough stretch he went through hindered his ability to get to the basket too. Because he wasn't being played so closely, defenders could play the paint and the rim better on drives. Black shot 30% from three on 2.6 attempts per game. His percentage improved towards the end of the year, and he even started hitting some mid-range shots.

As we stated earlier, he can improve there. I don't know if he will ever be an elite three-point shooter or even a guy that creates shots for himself from deep, but his catch-and-shoot ability can improve at the next level. While it is a weakness, the room for improvement is still intriguing.