Anthony Black 2023 NBA Draft profile: The best lottery pick outside the top three?

Dallas Mavericks, 2023 NBA Draft, Anthony Black
Dallas Mavericks, 2023 NBA Draft, Anthony Black / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
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Anthony Black's strengths

Here are three of Anthony Black's skills observed from a breakdown of his film.

1. Defensive ability

Pick something besides shooting you want your point guard to be good at, and he likely is. The biggest strength that stands out to me, though, has to be his defense. With his 6'7", 200-pound frame, he is elite at guarding opposing guards and an elite wing defender. Ideally, he will eventually be able to defend 1-3 in the NBA.

Black has active hands on the perimeter and is usually pretty good at swiping through dribbles and ripping through to create steals, averaging 1.9 steals per game. He also uses his length to smother guards when they attack the rim, leaving them no look at a shot attempt.

2. Playmaking ability

The 19-year-old guard is also a terrific playmaker. He is great in transition, making the right read, whether dumping it off to his teammate or taking it himself. In pick-and-roll situations, Black is extremely unselfish, but not to the point where he won't attack for himself.

Black is also good at creating for his teammates in the half-court without needing a pick-and-roll. He hits cutters and passes teammates open sometimes. He has all the traits of a good passer you like to see in a prospect.

3. Rebounding from the perimeter

Being a 6'7" guard often helps you when going up for rebounds over smaller guards, and Black was excellent in that aspect. He is relentless on the glass, hauling in 5.2 rebounds per game at Arkansas. He doesn't give up, even when already under the rim amongst much taller opponents.

There were plenty of times last season at Arkansas where Black had more effort than the opponent standing under the rim and would grab his offensive rebounds. He has fight, and that's unteachable. He is energetic regarding rebounding, which scouts and coaches will love when it comes to the league.