5 adjustments Dallas Mavericks must make in playoff Game 3 vs. Suns

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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Dallas Mavericks, Jalen Brunson
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Adjustment Dallas Mavericks must make in Game 3 vs. Suns: 4. Let JB lead early

The Mavs need Jalen Brunson on the floor, and the team has to get him back on track. They must have him filling the role of secondary scorer and distributor if they have any hopes of defeating the Suns. So far, Brunson has scored 24 points total on 32.1 percent shooting from the field with just five assists.

In Game 2, JB had two fouls before he had one point, and he picked up his third personal in the second quarter after notching just one bucket. Brunson had two points, two assists, and two rebounds in 11.5 minutes on one of five shooting from the field. That was his first-half production on Wednesday night.

Dallas cannot afford a repeat, so they should try to get him rolling in the opening minutes. Let JB bring the ball up the floor and be the primary creator early in the game. It should open up a few scoring opportunities for him, and it will allow Luka Doncic to conserve some energy for the fourth quarter when the Mavericks will need their superstar the most.

Jalen Brunson needs to get back on track early in Game 3, or the Dallas Mavericks will be facing another uphill battle. Keep an eye on what coach Kidd has up his sleeve to get the 6’1 guard going.