3 Huge positives, 2 huge negatives of the Dallas Mavericks offseason

The Dallas Mavericks offseason is all but over, so let's take a look at some positives and negatives.
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving
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4. Negative - Still missing a starting-caliber center

For the last two and a half seasons, and arguably even before that, the Dallas Mavericks have been plagued by the absence of a legit starting center. Dwight Powell's services have been appreciated, but his lack of size and defense has severely hampered the Mavs for many years.

Adding Dereck Lively II is a great move for the team, but he will likely be a work in progress for at least the first half of the regular season. His youth and rawness will make it hard for Jason Kidd to play him consistent minutes at the five. Lively II's services could be significant in future years, and having a coach like Tyson Chandler will elevate the young center's play.

Newly-acquired center Richaun Holmes will also have his presence felt within the rotation. His defensive capabilities make him a prime replacement for Dwight Powell's starting services, but still, his addition doesn't mend the starting center question.

That being said, Holmes will be a sure upgrade over former Maverick Javale Mcgee, but still, the Mavericks haven't addressed the huge absence of a starting-caliber center. Powell is still around, but again, he's not quite a starting-caliber guy for a team that hopes to go on a deep playoff run.

The Mavericks have attempted to acquire a starting center in the past few months, with names like Clint Capela and Deandre Ayton popping up, but it's still unclear what the Mavericks' intentions are regarding the center spot.