5 trades for Dallas Mavericks to land perfect big man partner for Luka Doncic

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / John Fisher/GettyImages
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Superstar Luka Doncic is one of the best basketball players in the world, yet the Dallas Mavericks did not make the postseason in 2023. That’s an epic failure.

He just made his fourth-straight All-NBA first team, but he was the only player on the first team who failed to qualify for the Play-In Tournament. Moving forward, the Mavericks simply cannot allow that to happen.

At the trade deadline this year, they made a massive deal for Kyrie Irving, but it wasn’t enough to get them over the hump. And while Irving might be back on the roster next season, it might not be enough.

Having two star guards is great, but mixing things up around Doncic (and maybe Irving) could be worth it. Maybe Doncic needs a better big man to play next to.

5 trades for Dallas Mavericks to land perfect big man partner for Luka Doncic

Throughout the course of his career, the best center Doncic has gotten to play with was technically Kristaps Porzingis. But when he was in Dallas, he primarily played the power forward position.

Outside of KP, the best centers Doncic has played with are DeAndre Jordan (2018-19) and Christian Wood (2022-23). And while both had solid seasons in Dallas, it’s safe to say that Doncic hasn’t gotten the chance to play with a serious threat at the position yet.

Wood is more of a scorer than a pick-and-roll player, and by the time Jordan got to Dallas, he was exiting his All-Star years. The most consistent big Doncic has played with has been Dwight Powell.

Dallas has a chance to get Doncic some serious help at the center position this summer, and here are five trades they could pull off to land that piece.