Pros and cons of Dallas Mavericks signing Dillon Brooks

Dallas Mavericks, Dillon Brooks
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Con #2: Dillon Brooks' game regressed last season

Dillon Brooks posted career highs in points and assists per game last season and was playing some of his best basketball. He was shooting 16.4 shots per game and was a valuable piece in the Grizzlies' offense.

This season, most of his stats were down. His points, steals, blocks, and assists per game all dropped along with his field goal and free throw percentages.

This could all be due to his role being less in the Memphis offense as his shots per game was down, but his 3-point percentage and shot attempts per game were up. He did show minor improvement as a shooter but it's unusual that his field goal percentage went down as his volume went down. It's typically the other way around.

Dallas should not want any part in Brooks if they believe his game is going to take another step back. They need players that will help them win a championship right now, not a player that has taken a step back production-wise.

Brooks wants a larger offensive role next season and this could help his numbers go up, but Dallas may not be looking to give it to him. The Mavericks already have a dominant ball handler in Luka Doncic and their biggest priority this summer is re-signing another dominant ball handler in Kyrie Irving.

Brooks probably wouldn't have a shot at the role he wants in Dallas, and the Mavericks should be wary of the decline of his game from this season.