Pros and cons of Dallas Mavericks signing Dillon Brooks

Dallas Mavericks, Dillon Brooks
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Pro #2: Dillon Brooks brings defensive versatility

Dillon Brooks' identity is playing tough, aggressive defense. He's been known for this for the past few seasons and the spotlight on Brooks has only increased over the last few months as he takes on the task of guarding opponent's best players.

The Dallas Mavericks' biggest struggle last season was defense, and Brooks could lead the charge in them changing their defensive identity. He can guard one through three and brings unmatched intensity every time he takes the floor, regardless of who his team is playing or what the score is.

Dallas also happens to need a player with Brooks' type of intensity. Dorian Finney-Smith was that player minus the nonsense. Finney-Smith would guard the other team's best player and do everything possible to shut him down, while also being a 3-point shooting threat. Doe-Doe was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in the Kyrie Irving deal, and Brooks could pick up that role, but he cannot guard power forwards like Finney-Smith did.

Brooks can effectively switch in the pick and roll, and his energy could be contagious in a good way if he is mentally locked in.

The big question though is if this energy would be positive in Dallas. Brooks could be a vocal leader defensively and defend the elite guards that the Mavericks face, but the second he starts letting his trash-talk go too far is what the Mavericks should be wary of. He sometimes lets the matchup in front of him go further than just playing tough defense.

He has been ejected six times in his career and has gotten into multiple scuffles. Dallas will be the judge on if his defensive ability is worth the headache of his technicals, ejections, and occasional dirty plays.