Why 2023 NBA Draft lottery will be one of the biggest nights in Mavericks history

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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Dallas Mavericks could jump into the top 4 and get franchise-altering young talent

The Mavs have a 13.9 percent to jump up into the top four on May 16. It is nearly the same odds that the teams with the three worst records get in selecting first overall. That glimmer of hope will have executives and fans dreaming of what could be on lottery night.

They will read the results starting with the 14th pick, so fans will know quickly where the Mavericks stand. There will be some audible gasps if one of the four teams below them jumps into the top four, and it could happen. The Mavs' only hope of keeping their pick at that moment would be jumping up themselves.

Fans will dream of landing the number one pick and getting Victor Wembanyama, but this class has an outstanding top four. Scoot Henderson would be the number-one pick in most drafts. Brandon Miller and Amen Thompson are both elite prospects that could be multiple-time All-Stars. Having a future star on a rookie contract would be massive for the Dallas Mavericks, and it could instantly help them jump back into contention.

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Dallas Mavericks fans will be holding their breath on May 16 because the 2023 NBA Draft lottery could change the course of the franchise. They must keep their pick, but Dallas could get lucky and jump into the top four. There will be plenty of drama, so please do not miss it.