Why Dallas Mavericks must avoid Trae Young trade at all costs

Dallas Mavericks, Trae Young
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Dallas Mavericks want to build title contender around Luka Doncic: Trae Young does not help

The Mavs must improve this summer. Luka Doncic made his feeling clear, but they can change quickly if the 24-year-old does not feel like he can win a title leading the Mavericks. Number 77 is the most important piece of the team’s present and future. They need to find a way to build a championship-caliber squad around him as quickly as possible.

Does trading for a 6’1 guard that is an elite offensive creator but a massive negative defensively help? The Mavericks went all-in on offense this season only to miss the playoffs. Young has his flaws, and Dallas cannot hide both Doncic and Ice Trae in a playoff series. They are creating more issues to work around, instead of building a team that can win around Luka.

Trading for Trae Young does not make sense for the Dallas Mavericks. It would mean giving up on the Kyrie Irving experiment before it had a chance to fully develop. The franchise would be embracing an odd fit and paying handsomely to create it. Above all, Ice Trae does not help the Mavs towards contention, which should make the trade a non-starter altogether.

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Can the Dallas Mavericks improve their roster this summer? Will they keep Kyrie Irving and take a step toward contention? Stay tuned to find out.