Why Dallas Mavericks must avoid Trae Young trade at all costs

Dallas Mavericks, Trae Young
Dallas Mavericks, Trae Young / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Dallas Mavericks would have to give up assets to acquire Trae Young

The Hawks are not giving Young away. He just wrapped up the first season of his five-year $215.1 million extension that he signed back in 2021. The two-time All-Star has led Atlanta to the playoffs three straight years, and he is one of the best passers and playmakers in the world.

Acquiring a star player never comes cheap. At a minimum, it would cost the Mavs two first-round picks, including their 2023 selection that must be in the top ten or it conveys to the Knicks from the original Kristaps Porzingis trade. The Hawks would likely want Josh Green and Jaden Hardy on top of that.

Imagine how bad it would look for the Mavericks if Kyrie leaves in free agency, and Dallas has to pay for Trae Young. It would virtually mean what they traded to get Irving would be added to the cost of acquiring Young. Dallas wants and needs a star next to Luka Doncic. Without it, they will struggle to be serious title contenders, but they also need role players around that star duo to make a run.

Even if the Dallas Mavericks paid for Trae Young, the fit would be questionable at best on both ends of the floor.