Grade the Trade: How could the Dallas Mavericks pull off a deal for D’Angelo Russell?

Dallas Mavericks, D'Angelo Russell
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The Dallas Mavericks are working the phones and searching for upgrades before the Feb. 9 trade deadline. They need another ball-handler and playmaker to complement Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie. The Mavs were in the conference finals last year with Jalen Brunson starting next to number 77, and they would love to add a JB replacement before the deadline.

Dallas owes their 2023 first-round pick to the New York Knicks from the original Kristaps Porzingis, and the top ten protection on it prevents them from trading their 2025 first. The Mavs have two first-round picks to offer in any trade, but they would prefer to keep their powder dry until this summer, so they can chase a second star with a full cupboard of first-round selections.

Minnesota point guard D’Angelo Russell is one of the many point guards available on the trade market, and the Mavs are rumored to be interested. Could they acquire DLo before the deadline? What would the trade look like? Here is a closer look.

Could the Dallas Mavericks trade for D’Angelo Russell before the deadline?

Russell is in the final year of his contract, so the Timberwolves have a decision to make over the next two weeks. Do they re-sign the 26-year-old point guard and lock him in with their talented core? If not, Minnesota should be searching for a trade to recoup some value for the former All-Star.

If DLo hits the trade market, expect the Timberwolves to ask for a young player on a rookie contract and at least one first-round pick. Minnesota wants to contend now, but they also need to restock their assets after trading a massive haul for Rudy Gobert.

The Dallas Mavericks can meet that asking price, but they would also need to match Russell’s $31.3 million salary for this season. Here is what a hypothetical deal could look like between the Mavs and Timberwolves.