Why Dallas Mavericks fans should expect the unexpected at the trade deadline

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Jason Kidd
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic, Jason Kidd / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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Dallas Mavericks want to buy low and save their 1st round picks at the trade deadline

The Mavs' focus is building a title contender around Luka Doncic for the foreseeable future. They have no interest in trading their two available first-round picks for role players. Dallas wants to add a second star before plugging in those pieces that push them into the title picture. The Mavs need more talent, but they are willing to wait until this summer to add a marquee piece.

Dallas wants to win games now, which is why they will be looking to trade their two second-round picks, and maybe even one first-rounder for some help. Three first-round picks are a lot of put-in a trade for a second star, so the Mavs can sacrifice one at the deadline and have their options open this summer.

Nico Harrison and the front office cannot buy low unless someone is selling at that price. This is why they will wait until just before the deadline, and why it will be unexpected.

It is unlikely that the Mavericks buy one of the many players they have been rumored to be interested in. Those pieces have high asking prices. Dallas wants to repeat what they did last season where they bought low on Spencer Dinwiddie. He thrived on the Mavericks and helped them make a deep playoff run.

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The NBA trade deadline is on Feb. 9, and the Dallas Mavericks will be active and aggressive. Expect them to make an unexpected move before the deadline, and stay tuned for all the latest.