Is a top 10 draft pick enough to get Mavericks back to playoffs in 2024?

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
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Top 10 draft pick is not enough for Dallas Mavericks: Must find other ways to improve

Keeping their first-round pick allows Dallas to add one player to their roster. It will be a young talented option that could blossom into a star. Even if the Mavs move up and get the number one pick, Victor Wembanyama will not solve all of the team’s problems.

Dallas needs multiple pieces, and they cannot be satisfied until they attack every weakness. The Mavericks must add a defensive-minded wing, a center upgrade, and depth. They have seven soon-to-be free agents on their current roster, and the Mavs must shake things up. Dallas should try to sign veterans who make an impact along with adding two starting-caliber players.

There are multiple boxes to check off for the Mavericks this summer. No player in the league solves all their issues. Even if there was, Dallas would not be able to acquire him. The Mavs need a plan of attack to fix their problems and a top-ten pick is only one piece of that.

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The Dallas Mavericks are facing one of the most important summers in franchise history. What happens will decide the franchise’s fate for the next decade, and the Mavs need to nail their moves. Will they do it? Stay tuned to find out.