Will the Dallas Mavericks extend Christian Wood before the trade deadline?

Dallas Mavericks, Christian Wood
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Will the Dallas Mavericks trade Christian Wood before the deadline?

It is difficult to see the Mavs trading Wood before Feb. 9. First, the front office has zero interest in taking a step backward. Dallas has won seven consecutive games to vault to fourth in the Western Conference, and they were in the conference finals last season. Luka Doncic wants to win, so selling their superstar player on lessening the team’s chances of winning would be next to impossible.

The Mavericks are not trading Wood for an immediate upgrade. No contending team is going to make that deal, and what rebuilding team wants him so bad they are willing to give up a better player?

The market for the 6’10 big man is a massive question mark. The Rockets tried to trade C-Wood for nearly a full year before the Mavs snagged him for a late first-round pick and the ability to clear roster space. He has played well in Dallas and showed that he can contribute to a winning team, but the suitors are not exactly lining up around the block to acquire Wood on an expiring contract.

Finding a suitable trade that improves the Dallas Mavericks roster seems unlikely at best. If the two sides do not agree on an extension and the team cannot find a trade, Christian Wood will become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2023 where he is free to sign with any team. What are the odds of each outcome?