Answering 3 burning questions about the 2023-24 Mavericks schedule

Let's take a look at three of the biggest questions surrounding the Dallas Mavericks' 2023-24 schedule.
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How will the Dallas Mavericks fare in the post-all-star break playoff push?

To predict where precisely the Dallas Mavericks would be sitting at the 2024 All-Star break would be an impossible task. You simply can't predict what will happen in an NBA season.

There are just too many outcomes that could take place, whether it's injuries, trades, or everything in between.

Similarly, in the 2021-22 NBA season, the Mavericks were all but written off as, at one point, they had an abysmal record of 16 wins and 18 losses. Miraculously, the Mavericks would turn their season around and create history, as they would end with a 52-30 record.

They rode their momentum all the way to a Western Conference Finals appearance against the soon-to-be 2022 NBA champion Golden State Warriors. These examples prove that you can't predict what will happen in an NBA season.

However, if the Mavericks can get through the first 57 games with an above .500 record, then we should fully expect them to make a playoff push during the last 25 games of the regular season.

The Mavericks better get used to bright lights, as they will have 11 nationally televised games during the last three months of the NBA regular season. The Mavs will also woefully be on the road for 15 of the remaining 25 games during this stretch. And to make it even more challenging, they will have two four-game away stands during the months of February and March.

We are still over a month away from the Mavericks reaching training camp but if Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving successfully set this team up for success, then we can expect to see the Mavericks get back into the postseason.