Will the Dallas Mavericks make a trade this offseason? What will they get in return?

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Will the Dallas Mavericks make a trade this offseason?

The Mavs can improve their roster via the draft, free agency, or trade this summer, but every avenue has some constraints.

They have the 26th pick in the 2022 NBA Draft. The Stepien Rule prevents Dallas from trading the pick until after the draft, so the Mavericks will make a pick on June 23, but it could be for another team if a deal gets done. They are reportedly looking to deal the pick for future draft capital or they could select a draft and stash player that plans on playing overseas next season.

The Mavs are over the salary cap, but they still have the taxpayer mid-level exception and minimum contracts to hand out in free agency. Both will only increase the team’s luxury tax bill, though.

Dallas could also make trades. It is their safest and easiest path for two reasons. One, the Mavericks already have 14 players under contract, assuming Trey Burke opts in on his player option and the team guarantees Frank Ntilikina’s $2.0 million salary. They want to re-sign both Jalen Brunson and Theo Pinson, which makes 16 players for 15 roster spots. Second, Dallas has to match salary in a trade because they are over the salary cap, so their luxury tax bill remains relatively the same or lessens.

General manager and president of basketball operations Nico Harrison let fans know the Mavericks are listening to all trade discussions. Fans should expect at least one, if not multiple trades this summer, but what will the team get back in return?