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Best guards Dallas Mavericks could target in free agency if Jalen Brunson leaves

Dallas Mavericks, Jalen Brunson
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The Dallas Mavericks found a formula for success around superstar Luka Doncic this season. They had the best offense in the league in 2020, and Doncic was unstoppable again in 2021, but the Mavs lost in the first round of the playoffs both times. Dallas had a new coaching staff and general manager, and they made moves. They acquired Reggie Bullock, and head coach Jason Kidd got the team to buy into a defense-first mentality.

Kidd also helped Jalen Brunson become an unquestioned starter in the backcourt next to Doncic. Dallas traded Kristaps Porzingis for Spencer Dinwiddie and Davis Bertans to improve their ball-handling, playmaking, and floor spacing for the playoffs, and the Mavericks reached the Western Conference Finals.

Now, a massive offseason lies ahead. Doncic proved he is one of the best players in the league, but can Dallas take that next step? Can they build a title contender around Luka? The Mavericks have a massive decision to make on re-sign Brunson before exploring how to upgrade their roster.

Best guards Dallas Mavericks could target in free agency if Jalen Brunson leaves

The Mavs plan to re-sign Brunson this offseason. They made that clear after being knocked out by the Warriors, but JB holds all the cards as an unrestricted free agent. The 25-year-old guard also earned a hefty raise during the Mavericks postseason run, and his new deal will push Dallas deep into the luxury tax.

The Mavericks will not have cap space this summer, regardless of what Jalen Brunson decides to do in free agency. They are projected to be over the luxury tax line without him. That leaves Dallas just the taxpayer mid-level exception and minimum contracts to hand out in free agency. How could the Mavs replace JB if he leaves in free agency?