5 takeaways for Dallas Mavericks from Tyler Dorsey in EuroBasket 2022

Dallas Mavericks, Tyler Dorsey, EuroBasket 2022
Dallas Mavericks, Tyler Dorsey, EuroBasket 2022 / Giuseppe Cottini/GettyImages
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Dallas Mavericks takeaway from Tyler Dorsey in EuroBasket 2022: 1. NBA shooter

Dorsey is an NBA shooter that could take his game to another level playing off Luka Doncic. Over the last three seasons in Europe, he shot 39.3 percent over 849 3-point attempts. The Mavs are always looking for shooters to flank number 77, and that is Dorsey’s number one skill.

Dorsey has a strong track record of shot-making even stretching back to his brief stint in the NBA. He shot 35.0 percent from 3-point range over 331 attempts, and sank over 40 percent of his 118 tries in the G League. Dorsey can shoot the ball, and that is a valuable skill, especially in today’s NBA where every team takes 30-plus threes per game.

The new Mavericks two-way wing will battle Josh Green and Frank Ntilikina for backup wing minutes. Both of those players are defense-first with struggling offensive games, which could further open the door for Dorsey. Now, coach Kidd can choose to have an offensive or defensive upgrade on the floor.

Overall, Tyler Dorsey played well during EuroBasket 2022. He showcased his shooting, floor spacing, and shot creation chops, despite some struggles, especially on the defensive end. It was a small sample size, but things look encouraging.

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Dallas Mavericks fans had seven chances to learn about Dorsey’s game at EuroBasket 2022. His shooting will help him get on the floor, but he will need the defense to match it to earn consistent playing time this season. Can he do it? Stay tuned to find out.