5 takeaways for Dallas Mavericks from Tyler Dorsey in EuroBasket 2022

Dallas Mavericks, Tyler Dorsey, EuroBasket 2022
Dallas Mavericks, Tyler Dorsey, EuroBasket 2022 / Giuseppe Cottini/GettyImages
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Dallas Mavericks takeaway from Tyler Dorsey in EuroBasket 2022: 2. Defensive struggles

The biggest questions about Dorsey’s game coming into EuroBasket were on the defensive end. He has NBA skills, but can the 6’5 wing defend well enough to stay on the floor? Dorsey has the size and length, but can he play passable defense?

The results were hit and miss during EuroBasket 2022. Dorsey averaged 1.1 steals, and he made some plays on the defensive end, but there were also moments where he left fans wanting more. The 26-year-old got beat on multiple drives, and the two-way wing was far from a lockdown option in this tournament.

Head coach Jason Kidd took the Mavericks from 21st to seventh in defensive rating last season with largely the same personnel. The Hall of Fame point guard brought in a fresh scheme, and the results spoke for themselves. Can he get Dorsey to buy into the scheme? Will that improve his play on the defensive end?

The 26-year-old looked like a below-average NBA defender during EuroBasket. Can he compete hard enough and find the right fit to hold his own this season? Does Kidd’s scheme unlock his defensive potential? If Dorsey is below league average, it is unlikely that he stays on the floor during his first season in Dallas. How will he perform on defense? Stay tuned to find out.