Can Mavericks take advantage of Victor Wembanyama hype?

Dallas Mavericks, Victor Wembanyama
Dallas Mavericks, Victor Wembanyama / Steve Marcus/GettyImages
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Can Dallas Mavericks take further advantage of Victor Wembanyama hype?

The Wembanyama hype train will open the floodgates for trades this season. Are veterans Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson helping the Jazz win too many games early on? If so, they both could be shipped out for the best available offer as Utah looks to secure its place at the bottom.

There will be veteran role players galore available before February’s trade deadline, but can the Mavs bargain shop?

Dallas faces an interesting internal dilemma with their draft picks. If they wait until after the 2023 draft to trade a first-round pick, the Mavericks will have all of their own selections for the first time in the Luka Doncic era. That means having the draft capital to land a second star. Do the Mavs prioritize a short-term upgrade over chasing a bigger fish in the offseason?

Could the Mavericks use their two available second-round picks to acquire a veteran that could help them contend at the deadline? The buyout market could also be plentiful as teams race to the bottom, so Dallas should be able to improve its roster before the postseason.

How wild will the tanking get as teams try to position themselves with the best odds for the top pick? The NBA flattened the lottery odds a few years back, and that will keep things from getting absolutely crazy, but there will be plenty of teams not competing this season. That means more wins for the Dallas Mavericks and other contending teams.

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Will the Mavs take full advantage of the Victor Wembanyama hype? Stay tuned to find out.