Reggie Bullock returns for Dallas Mavericks: Tim Hardaway Jr. to start

Dallas Mavericks, Reggie Bullock, Tim Hardaway Jr.
Dallas Mavericks, Reggie Bullock, Tim Hardaway Jr. / Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks have lost four straight games, and they are searching for anything that gives them a spark. They signed Kemba Walker to improve their ball-handling and playmaking behind Luka Doncic and Spencer Dinwiddie, and head coach Jason Kidd is even changing the starting lineup.

Reggie Bullock rested in the team’s last game against the Bucks. The team was hoping the night off would help him sort out his shooting woes. Tim Hardaway Jr. started in his place, and it jump-started the Mavericks' offense. Coach Kidd liked what he saw, and he decided to keep the starting five for Tuesday’s game against the Warriors.

What should fans expect moving forward? Here is a closer look at the move and what could be ahead.

Reggie Bullock returns for Dallas Mavericks: Tim Hardaway Jr. to start

Keeping Tim Hardaway Jr. in the starting five gives Dallas a bit more offensive firepower. THJ is in the middle of a shooting slump of his own, and coach Kidd would love the change to be the catalyst that gets both players back on track. The Mavs need their shooters hitting shots if they want to get back to the playoffs.

Kemba Walker has arrived in Dallas, but he is not ready to play. The six-foot point guard has not played in an NBA game since February, so the Mavericks are going to give him some time to ramp up.

No Kemba means the rotation will stay virtually the same on Tuesday night. Coach Kidd will ride the hot hand on the wings in the closing lineup. It could be Bullock, Green, or Hardaway Jr. The Mavericks need a win, and they are willing to try anything to make it happen.

How does starting Tim Hardaway Jr. over Reggie Bullock change the Dallas Mavericks rotation? Tune in on Tuesday night to find out.

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