Should Dallas Mavericks pass or pursue early season B/R hypothetical trades

Dallas Mavericks, Gordon Hayward
Dallas Mavericks, Gordon Hayward / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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Pass or Pursue Bleacher Report's hypothetical Dallas Mavericks trade for Gordon Hayward

Bleacher Report leaned into the Hornets trying to get Hayward’s contract off their books. Charlotte is likely to tank this season, and they do not want to pay the veteran forward $61.5 million over the next two seasons. Here is the trade B/R proposed.

Mavericks receive: Gordon Hayward

Hornets get: Dwight Powell and Davis Bertans

This is exactly the type of trade Nico Harrison should be looking to make before the trade deadline. The Mavericks want to improve their roster, but they do not want to give up a first-round pick. Dallas could have a full cupboard of draft choices next summer, and that puts them in the running for a superstar.

Powell and Bertans are not part of their nightly rotation, and the Mavericks would love to get off of Bertans' contract. This move is a no-brainer for Dallas.

Verdict: Pursue

Hayward struggles to stay healthy, but he would be part of their playoff rotation, and the 6’7 forward gives Dallas another capable ball-handler and playmaker. They are searching for shot creation, and Hayward can provide it while averaging 17 points per game.

Gordon Hayward is an upgrade over Tim Hardaway Jr. and Josh Green, so it makes sense to acquire him, especially at such a low cost. If things do not work, Dallas could deal Hayward this offseason because he will be on an expiring contract.

Should the Mavericks be looking to make trades already, though?