Dallas Mavericks 2022 free agency grades

Dallas Mavericks, JaVale McGee
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Dallas Mavericks 2022 free agency grade: JaVale McGee deal

The Mavs used the majority of their taxpayer mid-level exception to sign McGee to a three-year deal worth $17.2 million. It will be his second stint in Dallas after they signed him back in 2015 only to waive him less than one year later.

Things have changed drastically for McGee since that injury-plagued season with the Mavericks. He has won three championship rings, including one with the Lakers in 2020 playing under now Mavs head coach Jason Kidd. McGee is one of the best rim protectors and role men in the league.

Dallas reached the conference finals, but their rebounding and rim protection woes were on full display in the postseason. There was a massive disparity on the glass, and the Mavs had nobody deterring the opposition at the rim after Kristaps Porzingis was traded to Washington at the deadline. McGee will help in both areas whenever he is on the floor.

Dallas Mavericks 2022 free agency grade for JaVale McGee signing: B+

McGee is an upgrade, but he has not played more than 22 minutes per game since 2012. Coach Kidd was quick to name McGee the starting center, but fans should only expect him to play 12 to 20 minutes per game. The seven-footer will be impactful when he is on the court, but he won’t play a massive role.

The Dallas Mavericks deserve a B-plus for this signing. Playing off Luka Doncic should only enhance McGee’s strengths, but the front office deserves a slight downgrade for not signing a player that could play a larger role in the playoffs.