Dallas Mavericks 2022 free agency grades

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Dallas Mavericks 2022 free agency grade: Bringing back Theo Pinson

The Mavs signed Pinson to a ten-day contract last season as they were facing a COVID outbreak. Dallas needed healthy bodies, and he had been playing well in the G League.

Nobody expected Pinson to stick on the roster for the rest of the season, but his impact in the locker room was massive. The 26-year-old hypes up the team, and he was the leader of their bench mob throughout the playoffs, despite not being able to play because of his two-way contract.

Pinson was no longer eligible for a two-way deal, so the Mavericks signed him to a one-year veteran minimum contract this summer. It was a no-brainer to bring him back as the 15th man. The 6’5 wing will again be leading from the bench and uplifting the locker room, even if he never sees time on the court.

Dallas Mavericks 2022 free agency grade for Theo Pinson signing: A

The final player on an NBA roster rarely sees action on the court, so they must find other ways to impact the team. Theo Pinson has done just that. He is always talking from the bench as the 6’5 wing cheers on his teammates, distracts the opposition, and helps his squad get organized.

Things picked up when Pinson joined the team, and the Mavericks deemed him so impactful that they brought him back for another year in a wise move deserving of an A grade.