Will Dallas Mavericks sign Dennis Schroder after watching him in EuroBasket 2022?

Dallas Mavericks, Dennis Schroder
Dallas Mavericks, Dennis Schroder / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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Are the Dallas Mavericks interested in Dennis Schroder?

Nothing in the NBA happens by coincidence. Fans saw World Wide Wes, Allan Houston, and Julius Randle at the Mavericks playoff opener against the Jazz, and a few months later the Knicks signed Jalen Brunson and tried to trade for Donovan Mitchell. If there is smoke, then there is fire in this league.

MacMahon’s Tweet should be all fans need to prove that there is a bit of smoke here. There have been mixed rumors about the Mavs interest in Schroder in recent months. Remember, he had to settle for the taxpayer mid-level exception last summer after the free agent market dried up and Schroder was traded from the Celtics to the Rockets at the deadline. Dallas could have acquired him both times but decided against it.

Nico Harrison and Michael Finley watched each of his first two EuroBasket games in person, so they are at least scouting the 6’3 guard and questioning his fit on the Mavericks.

Luka Doncic makes everyone around him better, and Dallas could let Schroder run the second unit. Would the 28-year-old be happy coming off the bench and playing under 30 minutes per game? Dennis Schroder has to accept a sixth-man role playing 28 minutes each night for the partnership to work out.

The Dallas Mavericks have some level of interest, but will they sign him?