Can Dallas Mavericks capitalize on Warriors upcoming cap crunch? Will they?

Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green, Luka Doncic
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Dallas Mavericks, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green
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How Golden State Warriors cap crunch impacts Dallas Mavericks? Who does not get extended?

The most expensive team in basketball is about to get a lot more expensive, but the problem for Golden State is their payroll can only get so high before they need to start trimming. The Athletic piece notes that not extending just one of the four players drops their payment between salary and luxury tax bill by nearly $200 million per season.

No team is paying $500 million for their roster, so the Dubs will have to make multiple important decisions starting right now.

Klay Thompson is the unlikeliest to receive an extension. He has two years left on his deal, and the Warriors prefer to negotiate with one season remaining on the contract. Thompson is set to make $83.8 million over the next two seasons, so he is likely content with the status quo.

Jordan Poole is rookie extension eligible, so Golden State only has until Oct. 18 to get a deal done. If not, Poole will head into restricted free agency next summer. Either way, the team will have the right to match any contract, so his extension is not the most pressing issue. The Warriors want to get a deal done to lock in a piece of their core and get a firm number below the max.

Andrew Wiggins is an unrestricted free agent next summer if the Warriors do not extend him, and teams will be coming with max or near max offers given how he played in the postseason. Athletic two-way wings are hard to find, and Wiggins fit that role to a T. Golden State better work out an agreement now if they want to keep him long-term.

The most interesting of the four is Draymond Green. He has a player option for the 2023-2024 season, so he can become a free agent next summer if he wishes. Green wants a max deal from the Warriors. Will the team talk extension? If not, does Green test the open market next summer? He is an important piece of their team culture, so the Warriors should extend him as soon as possible.