5 Biggest questions for the Dallas Mavericks heading into training camp

Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd, Luka Doncic
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Do the Dallas Mavericks need a second star to be true title contenders?

Luka Doncic does not think the Mavericks need a second star to become legitimate title contenders. The 23-year-old had the team in the conference finals last season, and they needed a few fortunate bounces to upset the Warriors. Golden State went on to win the championship, which further proves that the Mavs can beat any team.

Brunson was not a second star, but the Mavs no longer have him. Does Dallas need that number two to pair Luka Doncic to win a ring?

Doncic will be looking to prove experts, fans, and pundits wrong this season by leading them on a second straight playoff run. Ultimately, the 23-year-old wants to win the championship, but the team is not quite ready for that step.

If the Mavericks keep their powder dry, they have will all of their first-round picks at their disposal next offseason. It will present the perfect opportunity for the team to strike and try to land another big fish. Finding someone that wants to play in Dallas next to Doncic is a must.

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Bet against Luka Doncic at your own risk, but the Dallas Mavericks seem like an under the radar team. They made it further in the playoffs than Denver, Memphis, Phoenix, and both LA teams last season. The Mavs got a taste of winning in the postseason, and fans can bet they will be back for more soon.