5 ball-handlers the Dallas Mavericks could trade for right now

Dallas Mavericks, DeMar DeRozan, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, DeMar DeRozan, Luka Doncic / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages
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Ball-handler Dallas Mavericks could acquire right now: 3. Patrick Beverley

Pat Bev is off to a poor start in Los Angeles, and the Lakers have the fourth-worst record in the NBA. They are just 4-10 but have won two straight games. If LA cannot keep winning, do they decide to sell off some pieces before the trade deadline?

Beverley is on a $13 million expiring contract, and the 6’1 guard is a winner. He helped the Timberwolves reach the playoff last season for just the second time since 2004. His team has reached the postseason in nine of his ten NBA seasons, and Pat Bev has made the All-Defensive team three times.

Beverley brings the defense and energy every night, and he is comfortable operating as a secondary playmaker or floor spacer on offense. The undersized guard is never afraid to pick up his man full court, and he can get under even the best player’s skin. Beverley’s energy would help the Mavericks win on nights when they faced inferior opponents, which has been a problem so far this season.

The Lakers may not be ready to sell just yet, but this is not a strong roster and no trade can save them. Their best bet would be to trade Patrick Beverley to a contender in hopes of getting an additional future asset that LA could package to upgrade their roster next summer.