Should Mavericks be all-in if Warriors move on from Draymond Green?

Dallas Mavericks, Draymond Green
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Could Dallas Mavericks benefit in other ways from Draymond Green leaving the Warriors?

Golden State will not just seamlessly replace Green if he leaves. The 6’6 forward has been the engine of their defense, and his ability to play the five keyed their “death lineups”. Green seven assists per game last season were tied for 15th in the league, and there is no replacing his energy and ability to change the game.

The Warriors will be worse if they let Draymond go, and that benefits Dallas. The Mavs are looking to be an annual title contender with Luka Doncic leading their charge, so any team in the Western Conference taking even a small step backward is a plus.

Without Green, the Warriors will struggle to defend Dallas. The Dubs used Andrew Wiggins as the primary defender versus Luka Doncic in last year’s Western Conference Finals, but Green’s ability to guard Jalen Brunson and switch on any player was massive. Without him, Luka will pick his matchup, and Golden State might not have enough capable defenders to stay afloat.

Where Draymond lands and for what cost could also impact Dallas. The Rudy Gobert trade this offseason drove up the market price and made it nearly impossible for any team to acquire another star without giving up a massive haul of draft picks and young talent. If Draymond gets traded for significantly less, that could help Dallas acquire a star at a more reasonable price.

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The Draymond Green saga in Golden State is just beginning. Fans should not expect him to get a new deal after the Warriors extended Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins. If he becomes available next summer, can the Dallas Mavericks pounce? Stay tuned to find out.