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Dallas Mavericks: Grading the 2021 offseason

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Grading the Dallas Mavericks 2021 offseason: Trade J-Rich for Moses Brown

The Mavs' opening move of the offseason was trading Josh Richardson to the Boston Celtics for Moses Brown and a traded player exception (TPE). J-Rich did not fit in Dallas as he struggled to hit shots and did not impact the team’s defense.

During the 2020 draft, the Mavericks traded Seth Curry to Philadelphia to acquire Richardson and a second-round pick that turned into Tyler Bey. Dallas led the league in offensive efficiency in the 2019-2020 season, but they finished middle of the pack in defense. The front office’s hope was trading a bit of shooting for a stronger perimeter defender would help the Mavs take a step forward. Instead, they regressed on both sides of the ball.

Moses Brown gives the Mavericks a 21-year-old center packed with potential that they can develop or use to acquire a win-now piece in another trade. Dallas also got a $10.9 million trade exception for this deal, which can be used to acquire an upgrade.

Grade: A-minus

The Mavs got off Josh Richardson’s contract and were able to add a young talent and a trade exception in the process. If Dallas uses the exception to grab a rotation upgrade, this move could quickly become an A-plus. For now, the Dallas Mavericks receive an A-minus for turning a player that nearly slipped out of the rotation in the playoffs into a valuable piece and a lottery ticket.