4 reasons why the Dallas Mavericks must trade Tim Hardaway Jr.

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3. Tim Hardaway Jr. will take minutes from Jaden Hardy

The Dallas Mavericks have a future star on their roster in Jaden Hardy, and he happens to play the same position as Tim Hardaway Jr. If the Mavericks decide to keep Hardaway Jr., that could cause Hardy to lose minutes and not play as much.

Hardy is only in his second season, and playing time is important for development. If Hardy has a role similar to the role he had at the beginning of the year last year, the Mavs could risk limiting his player development.

Hardy was playing great by the time the end of the year rolled around, and he was playing heavy minutes. To ensure that he has a solidified role, the Mavs should move Hardaway Jr.

The Mavs also signed Seth Curry this summer, and he will likely be ahead of Hardy in the rotation as well.

Hardy is nowhere close to his ceiling as an NBA player, while Hardaway Jr. is likely at his ceiling right now. He could end up being a future contender for the Sixth Man of the Year every season, but the Mavericks have to move Hardaway Jr. to make sure that the opportunity will be there.

If they don't move him, he will likely be ahead of Hardy in the rotation, and they'd be wasting his talent on the bench.