Building a Mavericks “dream team” if they picked right in every NBA Draft

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2015 NBA Draft: Royce O’Neale over Satnam Singh with the 52nd pick

This change is very similar to the 2009 NBA Draft, as the Dallas Mavericks ended up selecting a player who never made an appearance in the league when they could have taken a better player who went undrafted.

With the 52nd pick in the 2015 NBA Draft, the Mavericks selected Satnam Singh. He played for Dallas’ Summer League team three years in a row but never made the NBA.

Singh also played for Dallas’ G League team, the Texas Legends, but the 7-foot-2 center eventually left the league to play internationally in Canada, spending time with the St. John's Edge of the National Basketball League of Canada.

Instead, the Mavericks should have picked Royce O’Neale, who went undrafted in 2015 and went on to have a very successful NBA career.

O’Neale thrived with the Utah Jazz, helping them stay atop the Western Conference for years before getting traded to the Brooklyn Nets this past summer.

With the Nets, O’Neale was extremely impactful alongside Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for the first half of the season. He proved to be a solid all-around player who can shoot, pass, and defend opponents’ best player.

Having O’Neale as a backup forward makes too much sense for this Mavericks dream team.