Cam Whitmore 2023 NBA Draft profile: Does wing fit next to Luka Doncic?

2023 NBA Draft, Cam Whitmore
2023 NBA Draft, Cam Whitmore / Rich Schultz/GettyImages
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Cam Whitmore's Strengths

Cam Whitmore has a versatile, all-around game, and he is an absolute force on the offensive end. Here are two of his strengths observed from a breakdown of his film.

1. Athleticism and build

Two of Whitmore's best skills that work together are his athleticism and build. He was typically the most athletic guy on the floor, regardless of who the Wildcats played, and he uses his athleticism to his advantage in every way possible.

He speeds past defenders in transition, attacks the offensive glass, and finishes above the rim often. Whitmore had 28 dunks in 26 games played last season and gets downhill effortlessly. 

If Whitmore is on the fast break and a player is under the rim, he is going to fearlessly attack and attempt to put them on a poster. Also, if a teammate misses a shot, he's typically flying in to attempt a putback jam or just plainly going for the offensive rebound. Once he grabs the rebound, he bodies his defender and finishes strong with either hand.

Another way Whitmore's athleticism allows him to excel on the floor is his quick first step. He attacks slower forwards in the pick-and-roll as a ball handler and has the 3-point shooting ability to force defenders to stay close. Once he gets to the rim, he usually bumps the defender with his shoulder and lays the ball up through them. Contact is not an issue for Whitmore as he usually finishes through it.

He has the quickness of a two-guard and the strength of a power forward. Whitmore played bully ball with players that were smaller than him as he would send them flying when they tried to contest him around the basket.

He is the perfect build for a small forward in today's NBA and is a walking highlight reel when it comes to dunking the ball.

2. Defense

Whitmore's most underrated part of his game is unquestionably his defense. He has the size and quickness to guard multiple positions and won't struggle on this end of the floor.

Whitmore does a fantastic job of deflecting passes by jumping the lanes and anticipating where the ball is going to go. Once he deflects the pass, he pushes the ball in transition and usually grabs a layup or at least puts the opposing defense on their heels. He stays in front of his man and has quick hands to get steals while playing on-ball defense.

He also does a great job of playing help defense. Whitmore got a large portion of his blocks this way as he would step up and contest guards' pull-up jumpers or block layup or dunk attempts coming from the weak side. His defensive mentality is just like his offensive mentality. He doesn't care if he gets dunked on. He is going to rise up with anyone and try to block their dunk attempt.

Whitmore does a good job of playing post defense. He is too strong for players to consistently back him down and once they decide to shoot over him, he does a great job of contesting the shot without fouling.

He is a physical defender and plays with 100 percent effort.