Brandon Miller 2023 NBA Draft profile: The perfect 3-and-D fit for the Mavericks?

2023 NBA Draft, Brandon Miller
2023 NBA Draft, Brandon Miller / Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports
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How does Brandon Miller fit on the Dallas Mavericks?

Miller fills a desperate need for the Mavericks. He's a 3-and-D wing that moves without the ball, and this type of player complements Luka Doncic beautifully as defenses focus intently on him. His elite level of off-ball movement would fit perfectly in the Mavericks offense. It would help open the floor for Doncic and create easier shots for Miller.

Another aspect of Miller's game that would benefit the Mavericks is his ability to switch on defense. He has the length to defend multiple positions, and his often-critiqued athleticism allows him to stay with most players. Miller could guard anyone one through four, and Dallas desperately needs that versatility.

If Miller gets blown-by by a quicker player, he usually recovers and gets a chase-down block. He averaged 0.9 swats per game and showcases his ability to get chase-down blocks in transition and half-court sets alike due to his high motor and effort.

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Brandon Miller would have the chance to start from day one, and he would be the perfect building block in Dallas next to Luka Doncic. If the Dallas Mavericks lands a top-four pick, they must consider Miller to strengthen their depth at the wing position.