2023 NBA Mock Draft: Mavericks land difference-maker, Victor Wembanyama heads East

2023 NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama
2023 NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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The 2023 NBA Draft promises to be a franchise-altering night for several teams. Some will only have to wait until May 16, which is the night of the lottery. Whatever team gets the number one pick is certain to select Victor Wembanyama, the most hyped prospect since LeBron James. The Dallas Mavericks will also be holding their breath on lottery night as they hope to keep their top ten protected first-round pick after tanking their final two regular-season games to finish with the tenth-worst record.

There is much to sort out before June 22. The NBA broke the ties in the standings with coin flips on April 17, but the lottery does not take place until May 16. Any of the 14 teams that missed the playoffs could grab the number one pick and the right to draft Wembanyama. Every team will be dreaming of winning the lottery and getting the franchise-altering prospect.

With the NCAA season in the books and just the combine and pre-draft process to change the minds of front office executives, here is a look at a full mock draft of the first round with the order based on the current standings.

2023 NBA Mock Draft: 1. Detroit Pistons select Victor Wembanyama

Can the Pistons get lottery luck for the second time in three years? Multiple teams tanked this season to improve their odds of landing Wembanyama. If he lands in Detroit, the Pistons will have the best young roster in the league with the 7’3 teenager flanking Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey.

Wembanyama has the potential to become an all-time great. This season, the French teenager averaged 21.6 points, 10.1 rebounds, 2.2 assists, and 3.1 blocks per game for Metropolitans 92. The 7’3 big man can play like a guard with an improving jump shot and the skill to handle the ball. He is also a force on the defensive end with his eight-foot wingspan and ability to block everything.

Victor Wembanyama is a once-in-a-generation prospect that is certain to be the number-one draft pick in the class of 2023. The only question is, what team does he land on?