2023 NBA Mock Draft: Mavericks land defensive stopper, Warriors add another shooter

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23. Portland Trailblazers grab Kris Murray

The Portland Trailblazers seem to be all in on building around Damian Lillard, and they landed Scoot Henderson to play with him with the third overall pick. Now, they need to add some depth to their frontcourt.

KM. . . 6'8", PF, Iowa. . . 34. Kris Murray. . 23

With the 23rd overall pick, the Portland Trailblazers select Kris Murray.

He is the twin brother of Kings forward Keegan Murray, and Portland would be lucky if they can get a similar performance out of his brother. Kris averaged 20.2 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game in his third season at Iowa. He took his game to the next level at the perfect time, and Portland should take a chance on him.

His game is similar to his brother's and has the potential to be a great wing in the NBA. He is a good scorer and scores easy buckets off backdoor cuts. Murray is also a good three-point shooter off the catch.

He can also drive all the way to the bucket and is a willing passer. Murray is an all-around wing that should succeed in the NBA as a 3-and-D wing.

Defensively, Murray is physical and can switch on screens. He is a smart player and competitor that would be a safe pick for Portland. The only downside of this pick is that he is 22 years old.