2023 NBA Mock Draft: Mavericks land defensive stopper, Warriors add another shooter

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22. Brooklyn Nets select Brice Sensabaugh

After adding some frontcourt depth with the previous pick, the Nets can move to add the best available. Brice Sensabaugh fell far enough, and Brooklyn takes him off the board with the 22nd pick.

BS. . Brice Sensabaugh. 6'6", SG/SF, Ohio State. 22. 147. . . .

Sensabaugh is a pure scorer that would thrive off the bench in Brooklyn. He averaged 16.3 points and 5.4 rebounds per game in his lone season at Ohio State and shot 40.5 percent from three. Brooklyn would love to have another scorer off their bench, and Sensabaugh would be the perfect player to plug into that role.

He can light the scoreboard up quickly and scores in a variety of different ways. He hits pull-up jumpers from anywhere on the floor and can also hit fadeaways after backing defenders down with his strength.

Defensively, he struggles to keep up with quicker players and fouls too much. He will have to get quicker laterally to compete with shifty guards, but he has the strength and size to defend big guards.

He has great ball handling, but he must become a better passer if Brooklyn ever wants him to be a lead guard off the bench. He calls his own number often and will need to become more willing of a passer depending on how Brooklyn plans to use him.