2023 NBA Mock Draft: Mavericks land defensive stopper, Warriors add another shooter

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21. Brooklyn Nets grab Leonard Miller

The Nets are desperate for frontcourt depth and need to add a player to help through the draft. Leonard Miller is the perfect piece to add to the mix and gives them much-needed size.

. 6'10", F, G League Ignite. . Leonard Miller. . 21. . LM. . 147

Miller is a 6'10 forward and would give the Nets versatility and depth. Miller has the size of a forward, but he has the quickness and skills of a seasoned guard. He can comfortably handle the ball in open space and be a point forward if needed.

Miller uses his handle to get to the basket and has the athleticism to throw down monstrous dunks. He's fun to watch and would be a great fit for the Nets.

Offensively, Miller is a good shooter from mid-range and can hit shots while moving. His three-point shot isn't there yet (shot 32.7 percent), but should improve as time goes on.

He would also help their rebounding. Miller uses his athleticism to grab tough rebounds. He fits best as a wing or power forward, but could eventually turn into a capable defender against centers.

Miller could turn into one of the biggest steals in the draft, and gives Brooklyn a new forward to add to their rotation. They've needed players with size that can rebound, and Miller checks both of those boxes.