2023 NBA Mock Draft: Mavericks land defensive stopper, Warriors add another shooter

Metropolitans 92 v LDLC Asvel - Betclic Elite
Metropolitans 92 v LDLC Asvel - Betclic Elite / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages
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15. Atlanta Hawks select Bilal Coulibaly

This is further than most people having him drop, but with the 15th pick, I have the Atlanta Haws selecting Bilal Coulibaly from Metropolitans 92.

Bilal Colibaly. 6'7", SF, Metropolitans 92. 125. bilal. . . 15. . .

Coulibaly was mostly known as Victor Wembanyama's teammate at first, but now he's made a name for himself. He is a great perimeter defender that has the potential to shut players down. Atlanta needs wing defenders around Trae Young, and this pick makes the most sense.

Coulibaly averaged 11.5 points and 1.6 steals per game for Metropolitans 92 and should be a reliable wing defender immediately. He has a big frame and long wingspan, giving him the perfect intangibles to compete with some of the elite wings in the NBA. Atlanta could task him with guarding the best player on the floor in the future, and he will be ready for that assignment.

Although his offensive skills still aren't the best, the potential is there. He is a strong driver and is a good finisher at the rim. Coulibaly is also an improved shooter that is best off the catch. He shot 35.4 percent from three last season and can be a reliable shooter if he becomes more consistent.

Atlanta would be thrilled if Coulibaly falls this far as he gives them another 3-and-D wing to build around Young.