2023 NBA Mock Draft: Mavericks dream draft choice falls, Rockets shock at 4

2023 NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama
2023 NBA Draft, Victor Wembanyama / Christian Liewig - Corbis/GettyImages
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2. Charlotte Hornets select Brandon Miller

The Hornets had the fourth-worst record in the NBA this season but jumped to number two in the lottery. They will choose between Miller and Scoot Henderson. Do they want a versatile 6’9 forward coming off a strong lone season at the University of Alabama or a 6’2 point guard that can serve as a lead facilitator for the next decade-plus?

Henderson was viewed as the number two prospect coming into the season, and he shined in his showcase against Victor Wembanyama to begin the year, but his play trailed off as the campaign progressed. That opened the door for Miller, who averaged 18.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, 2.1 assists, 0.9 steals, and 0.9 blocks in 32.6 minutes per game. His size, length, and athletic ability have every team interested.

The consensus has the Hornets taking Miller and leaving LaMelo Ball as their lead ball-handler and playmaker. The 20-year-old prospect shot 38.4 percent from 3-point range last season, and he could quickly become a force on both ends of the floor. Miller will produce plenty of highlights next season, and Hornets fans will quickly fall in love with his game.

If Wembanyama and Miller go one and two in this class, that leaves the Trail Blazers with a difficult decision at three.